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Pierre C. Quinn

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According to the Harvard Business Review, most organizations are in the midst of some form of transformation. It seems like everywhere you turn you are either on boarding new employees, getting up to speed on a new technology, or adjusting to some major societal change.


With every change there comes a different learning curve. With every learning curve comes an opportunity to grow and support your leaders. 


This is where most organizations fail!  Many organizations struggle in the space of learning and development. They claim that preparing the next generation and supporting the current generation of leaders is important, but often their efforts are mediocre at best. 

That’s where Pierre can help. Your leaders needs to be motivated, challenged, positioned to lead courageously.


For over 15 years Pierre has taught higher education, faith-based, nonprofit, and corporate leaders the strategies they need to experience personal success and professional growth. 


Pierre is the author of Leading While Green: How Emerging Leaders Can Ripen Into Effective Leaders and Leading While Scared: How To Find The Courage To Keep Going. He is the CEO of The Cardell Group, LLC, a consulting firm which focuses on growing leaders and empowering teams of all sizes. Pierre holds graduate degrees in communication and theology from Andrews University and a certificate in Executive Leadership from Howard University. 

Pierre’s client list includes Stryker, AVMA, The University of North Carolina, UNHCR, and more.


"We had the highest attendance ever with Pierre, and everyone walked away with such valuable insights. Pierre is an amazing speaker, leader, and teacher, and I would highly recommend having him speak or teach your group."

Brad G., Stryker

“I've been a fan of Pierre's work for a few years now and am proud to call him a friend. Pierre presented a remarkable plenary session for the University of North Carolina System's advancement officers across the state and just WOWed them. He's a wonderfully bright star in leadership speaking.”

Tim M.

University of North Carolina System

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