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Caleb Gardner



Leading through Uncertainty

Digital & Social Disruption

Change Management

Geopolitical Leadership


  • Leadership in the Age of Constant Disruption

  • Navigating the New Normal: Strategies for Leading Amidst Uncertainty

  • Communicating Through Chaos: Insights on How to Navigate Disruptive Tech and a Broken Information Ecosystem

Keynote Topics

Video Experience



Caleb Gardner is a speaker, author, entrepreneur, and global expert in technology, politics, and change management, who helps leaders navigate disruption and lead through uncertainty.


After leading digital strategy for President Barack Obama—growing the @BarackObama Twitter account to the most followed in the world—Caleb co-founded 18 Coffees, a strategy and transformation consulting firm. As managing partner, Caleb uses his 20+ years of experience with global clients like Comcast, Bose Corporation, Sirius XM, and United Way Worldwide to help leaders around the world transform their companies in the face of uncertainty and change.


Companies come to Caleb paralyzed by uncertainty and desperate for change. Their audiences leave inspired, uplifted, and ready to lead with confidence. Caleb works hard to make each keynote accessible and meaningful to every person sitting in the audience, no matter their title.


His book, No Point B: Rules for Leading Change in the New Hyper-Connected, Radically Conscious Economy, has been called "a roadmap and a reckoning," and "a vital and engaging recipe for embracing change."


"Thank you again for your partnership. We had very positive feedback from our teams, I personally enjoyed the session, Caleb was super insightful, engaging and funny, exactly what we needed. We did a short survey post session. Below are a couple of comments people provided:

  • Caleb was an impactful speaker with takeaways that are actionable!

  • The huge takeaway was how Caleb reiterated "change is an opportunity" and how to embrace it, i.e., be comfortable in the tension of the unknown, recognize the central role communications play, and find your own sphere of influence."

Sr. Manager, Executive Compensation Europe, Pepsico

“Caleb was a pleasure to work with at our recent global conference. He provided customized content and relevant examples for our industry. He went above and beyond, interacting with our attendees during breaks and providing them with additional takeaways they could implement at their firm. I highly recommend Caleb for any event."

Nina G.

Crowe Global

“Caleb stood out as the speaker that could push the audience beyond their comfort zone, getting them to think big about purpose and movement building online."

David S.

CMS Media

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