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Every meeting or event is unique. It varies in size, setting, attendees, expected outcomes, and more.


That's why we offer a diverse and talented group of speakers, each with personal stories that qualify them to speak with authority about their topics. They are highly sought-after for their expertise on topics such as mindset and resilience, peak performance, team building, leadership skills, customer experience, women's empowerment, communications, purpose, culture, change, and more.

Each has their own unique personality and style, and they bring humor, energy, and wisdom to every presentation.

They do more than inspire and motivate - they share tangible tips and techniques prompting lasting change in your audience.


A mindfulness, growth mindset, mental strength, and resilience expert with a journey from tragedy to triumph,

Karen delivers heartfelt presentations that resonate, inspire people to take action and embrace what it means to be 100% HUMAN.


TEDx Speaker


Keynote & Breakout Speaker

Event Emcee & Moderator

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Believing everyone can be an inspired and transformational leader, Kelly sparks organizations, leaders, and terms to find their passion and purpose by operating in their strengths.

Keynote Speaker

Workshop Facilitator

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

Founder of The Kelly Merbler Company

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Lauren works with leaders and companies to shift toward better work/life integration and wellness in the workplace including where and how employees work, the role of HR and learning leaders, and what it takes to retain top talent.

Keynote & Breakout Speaker

Workshop Facilitator

Co-Founder, Performance on Purpose

Founder, Lauren Hodges LLC

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Caroline is a well-respected experts on Goals & Grit™ whose scientific approach to change fosters lasting success in organizations and individuals. She helps people identify, develop a plan for, and persist in pursuing their toughest goals with GRIT leading to success, happiness, and flourishing while inspiring those around them. 

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Mark Kamp head shot_crop.jpg

Mark energizes, engages, and empowers your audience to develop a Rock Star mindset and significantly up their level of performance with a combination of rock concert excitement and life changing lessons.

Keynote Speaker

Emcee & Event Host

Certified Fitness Instructor

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Olympic bobsledder Johnny Quinn delivers powerful and positive keynotes, breakout sessions, and workshops. He is known for thought-provoking and action-packed content, and is a trusted voice on resilience and change management.

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Quinn Formal.jpg

Pierre teaches overwhelmed leaders how to build better teams and develop emerging talent.

Keynote Speaker

Interactive Workshops

Next-Level Coaching for Leaders

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Mike Staver Headshot.jpg

With humor and compassion, Mike has the uncanny ability to break down complex leadership concepts and turn them into immediately actionable tactics.

Keynote Speaker

Coach, Consultant

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Headshot 2023.png

Maureen teaches others to match their confidence to their competence so they  have more influence. 
Impostor Syndrome is real, but you can overcome it.

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