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Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP



Positive Psychology Expert

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Goal-Setting & Winning

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Bridging Grit, Resilience & Happiness

Getting Grit: The Secret to Happiness & Success

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For over three decades, Caroline has been a pioneer with her groundbreaking work in the areas of goal setting, grit, happiness, and success. She is recognized as one of the world’s leading positive psychology experts on this research and how it can be applied to one’s life for maximum transformation.    


Caroline helps people identify, develop a plan for, and persist in, achieving their toughest goals while also inspiring those around them – the “awethentic effect.” Her groundbreaking book, Creating Your Best Life (2009/2021), the first mass-market book on goal accomplishment that included evidence-based research, connected the science of success with the science of happiness for the first time. Dr. Martin Seligman, the “father of Positive Psychology,” proclaimed the book as adding a “major missing piece” to goal literature in his book Flourish, and many websites have continued to rank CYBL as the #1 book on goals of all time, leading to its reissue in 2021.  


In her keynote presentations and workshops, Caroline blends her personal experience, real-life examples, and cutting-edge research in positive psychology to come up with practical applications that allow for maximum transformation and growth in people’s lives. Caroline leaves her audiences with tangible takeaways and actions they can use to create their own happiness, resilience, and success.  


Caroline has worked with clients worldwide, including Morgan Stanley, lululemon, The Wharton School/UPENN, RE/MAX, Booz Allen, Young Presidents’ Organization, Harvard Law School, the New Zealand Bar Association, Ellevate, and Swisse Wellness. 


Caroline has been a popular presenter in the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School Executive Education program and has also taught in NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies and the University of Texas-Dallas School of Management.  


In addition to the books named above, Caroline is the author of Positively Caroline (Cogent 2013), and My Name is Caroline (Doubleday 1988/ Cogent 2014), which are the only two memoirs that cover the onset of bulimia through three decades of unbroken recovery. My Name is Caroline was the first book to give readers hope that recovery was possible, leading to her being featured on magazine covers and television shows worldwide for many years. She also wrote Feeding the Soul (1990), Bright Words for Dark Days (1994), and #IHaveYourBack – Mastermind Success Groups for Women (2021). She contributed chapters to Full Lives (1993) and Thriving Women, Thriving World (2019), and textbook chapters on Positive Psychology.


Caroline’s work has been featured in hundreds of magazines, newspapers, and other media worldwide for decades, including BBC World News, The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC, NPR, and CNN. She was the Washington, D.C. happiness expert on television for several years. She was the first person to bring Positive Psychology to satellite radio on Sirius XM in 2007 with her “Positive Tip of the Day.”


Caroline has one of the first Masters of Applied Positive Psychology degrees from the University of Pennsylvania (2006), and she graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University. She is a top-ranked Masters Swimmer and a black belt martial artist.  


"Caroline, you delivered what we asked for and more! We've had terrific feedback that you were easy to relate to, your stories were relevant, and the research gave your talk credibility for a high-powered audience. Everyone agreed they got rejuvenated, reignited, and recommitted to setting and accomplishing meaningful goals."

Maria M., Morgan Stanley

“Caroline did an incredible job! Her message "Grit: How to Get Things Done" was impactful. She had total command of the subject matter. Caroline had a cool way of speaking academically as well as using "hip" words and timely examples that everyone related to. We appreciated that she stuck around to sign books and mingle with our members long after her keynote.”

Rory C., Coakley Realty

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