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Thought-Leaders and Experts dedicated to 
 Transforming Organizations, Elevating Leadership
and Empowering Teams
Leadership for Today's Workplace, Managing Disruption,
Social Media Etiquette, Grit, Resilience, Goal Setting,
Human Performance, Workplace Culture,
Employee Engagement & Retention, Purpose, and more!

Our roster includes authorities on mental strength, mindfulness, growth mindset, resilience, grit, goal-setting, employee experience, peak performance, well-being, purpose, culture change, human experience, team engagement, communication, team building, leadership growth, Impostor Syndrome, and more. They have years of experience with backstories that uniquely qualify them as experts in their field. 


We partner with meeting planners, speaker bureaus, corporate decision-makers, and associations to elevate the meeting experience, inspire audiences to take action and transform organizational culture.


We know planning an event is hard work, and the right speaker can make or break your event and possibly your career. No prima-donnas here! You'll find us easy to work with, responsive to your requests, and ready to ensure your NEXT event is your BEST event.  

Providing professional service with a personal touch, we are committed to being with you every step of the way to ensure your next meeting reaches the summit!

Karen M. Allen

Growth Mindset

Mental Strength Training



Mental Health & Wellbeing

TEDx Speaker

Event Emcee & Moderator

Quinn Formal.jpg
Pierre C. Quinn

Courageous Leadership

Emerging Leaders

Managing Teams

Power & Influence

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2023 Kelly Merbler Headshot.png
Kelly Merbler

Leadership Development

Building Culture

Servant Leadership

Leading Teams

Healthy Communication

Women in Leadership

Gallup-certified Strengths Coach



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Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP

Grit / Resilience

Goal Setting

Women's Empowerment

Positive Psychology

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Dr. Lauren Hodges

Human Performance


Stress Management

Corporate Wellness


Healthy Lifestyle

Work/Life Balance

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Mike Staver Headshot.jpg
Mike Staver


With humor and compassion, Mike has the uncanny ability to break down complex leadership concepts and turn them into immediately actionable tactics.

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Mark Kamp head shot_crop.jpg
Marvelless Mark Kamp

Team Building/Teamwork



Peak Performance





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Johnny Quinn

Breaking Barriers

Champion Mindset

Change Management

Overcoming Obstacles

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Headshot 2023.png
Maureen Zappala

Impostor Syndrome

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Kind Words
"Working with Melissa affords me the opportunity to get more done on my end because she always has her 'ducks in a row.' It's such a pleasure to work with someone like Melissa who is not only efficient but that is also enjoyable to work with along the way. I never roll my eyes when I see an email from her come through my inbox. She knows how to 'get it done' and does so in a pleasant way. Cheers to many more years working together!"


Vice President & Strategic Account Advisor, BigSpeak! 




Wouldn't it be fantastic if all you had to do is show up on stage (virtually or in person) and deliver your message?

Or spend your time focusing on content creation, relationship building, and refining your craft instead of the administrative, operational, contract management, or logistical aspects of your business - fearing that something may get missed or overlooked?

At Spencer's Consulting, we provide a full range of speaker management and business operations services for seasoned speakers ready to up-level their business, grow their team, and increase their presence in the marketplace. 

If you're a speaker looking for management and business operations representation, find out what we can do for you by clicking the button below. 

Or schedule an introductory call at

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