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Megan Burns

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Customer Experience

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Building Emotional Connection, Loyalty & Trust

Customer-Centric Culture


Great Customer Experience Isn't Magic: The Systems Behind the Smiles

The Past, Present, & Future of Customer Experience

Understanding & Shaping Your Customers' Emotional Experience

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Megan Burns is an experience strategist, author, and keynote speaker who helps corporations deliver world-class customer and employee experience that accelerates growth, increases loyalty, and builds strategic advantage. A former Vice President at Forrester Research, she has advised more than half of the Fortune 100, including FedEx, Verizon, Microsoft, and Workday over her 20+ year career.


As the architect of the globally recognized Customer Experience Index benchmark and the industry-standard Outside in Maturity Model, Megan is considered one of the world's foremost experts on leading experience transformation at scale.


Megan’s insights have been featured in dozens of business publications like Inc. Magazine, AdAge, and CNBC. She is a popular speaker at events like the Wall Street Journal's Experience Management Forum, the Chief Experience Officer Summit, and the CXPA Insight Exchange. As an experience management (XM) pioneer, Megan is regularly invited to judge industry awards like the CXPA Innovation Awards and the World Customer Centricity Awards.


With her unique mix of analytical thinking and genuine empathy, Megan helps leaders spark a culture of customer-centricity by changing personal and organizational habits that stand in the way of delivering exceptional business experiences.


Megan holds a Bachelor’s degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University.


She is a founding member of the Boston chapter of Conscious Capitalism, a non-profit whose mission is to spread a humanistic approach to business to make a positive impact on the world. When Megan isn’t working, she enjoys cooking, studying history, and exploring the great city of Boston.


“I just wanted to reach out and say I LOVED your session about developing great CX programs. Your content was very easy to understand, inspiring, and very applicable across many different organizations. Also, I participated in competitive speaking for 8 years so my standards for “good speakers” is very high. You were one of the greatest I’ve ever seen!” 

Megan H.


“Incredible presentation to all of our CE stakeholders at (FS client) on Thursday! The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. As part of the CE Cultural transformation here … these are the exact things that we need to continue to do to keep our employees engaged and most importantly, how to think differently. It’s what is required to drive tremendous change.”

CX VP, large financial services firm


“I really enjoyed the presentation. Megan had great stories, it was well presented, right on target for the conference and I loved her metaphor about everyone knows we should do customer insight and VoC, but it is like the diet and exercise of business – hard in the same breadth – I quoted her several times already.”

Conference attendee

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